We take ideas and turn them into reality

since 1956

Biondan North America

Who/what are we? We are a memorial solutions company. It is a strange mouthful, but it means that we design and manufacture solutions for the cemetery industry – solutions that hold the beauty and dignity suitable for remembering and memorializing our customer’s loved ones.

Biondan North America

This is a tall order because it means that our products must be of the best quality and the most elegant design to fit this role.
We are a company that brings ideas to reality. And have done so since our inception, it is in our DNA. We began in 1956 by bringing good ideas to reality.

Walter and Arturo Biondan, co-founders of the company

A Family Story

Founded in 1956, Biondan has become a world leader in bronze memorialization and funerary art products. With decades of service, we’ve gained a reputation for professional integrity, fine artistic designs and highly skilled European craftsmanship.

Biondan North America
Established in 2007 in Toronto (Canada) to serve our North American partners with reliable deliveries, support and the quality of service to match our quality products.
Biondan currently has its main production in Verona (Italy) and it receives commissions from all over the world.