Memorialization Catalog

For this catalog, we have chosen a selection that has proven to be the most popular and appreciated by our North American clients. Contact us for your memorial needs, we are at your service!

Biondan - The Art of Bronze

In this catalog you will find the entire range of our statues, created by expert sculptors. In order to guarantee the best quality, Biondan statues are made in Italy in high quality bronze.
Please enjoy the catalog to discover every detail.

Kosmolux - Sacred Art

Discover Kosmolux works of art in reconstituted Carrara marble based on the original models of Italian master sculptors.
Please enjoy the catalog to discover every detail.

Kosmolux – Art that adorns

The fascination and brightness of the famous Carrara marble leaves room for the taste and desires of those who want to furnish their outdoor and indoor spaces in an original manner: enjoy our statues, fountains, columns and high quality furniture.

Biondan - Crypt Urn

Already met urn capacity? Discover our CryptUrn, our new solution to easily add new cremains to a crypt avoiding damaging, costly or dangerous operations.

Biondan - Thin Niches

From unusable areas to immediate invetory: turning blank walls into elegant cremation space. Only 4″ Deep. – Patented

Biondan - EZ Safety Plaques

Biondan`s plaques for big savings in your building projects: reduced installation time and safer handling. Discover all the benefits in our brochure!

Biondan - Photoceramics

Photograph captures a moment, we help make it last forever. Download our photoceramic brochure to discover all the options available.

Biondan - Modular Niche System

Biondan`s Modular Niche System: easy to install, adapt and expand.

Biondan North America - Emblems

As nature speaks to us by means of images, so do we use them to express the deepest human feelings. Discover our array of products for the remembrance of your loved ones.

Biondan - Precious Memories Artica

Artica lamps represent an innovation that perfectly summarizes the warmth of memory, adapting to all funerary cultures.