It all started with two brothers, Walter and Arturo Biondan. It was 10 years since the end of the War and Italy’s war dead lay in the fields of Albania. It was time to bring them home. To facilitate this, the government offered a competition: find a dignified yet inexpensive way to bring the fallen home. Walter and Arturo took up the problem, they were just 23 and 21 years old, but they had ideas.

They designed a clever, stackable and secure ossuary, that was also beautiful. They entered it into the competition… and won. So, they had a new problem: how do they deliver, and on time.

This was when the next quality of the young men was shown: trust. The young men talked to their family, friends and community: they needed help. And they got it, all their neighbors, friends and family gave them their evenings and weekends and any spare time to help them produce the ossuaries in time for them to be driven to Brindisi for shipment to Albania.

They made it – much to the surprise of everyone in the military. For surely, no one thought that two boys could produce truck-fulls of ossuaries in the few short months given. They delivered, they were men of their word.

Since that time Biondan has grown to be a worldwide company that still contains the original qualities around which we were formed: ideas, quality and trust. We do what we say we will do, and we do it the best way possible.

We are a company that brings good ideas to reality – with integrity and elegance, on that you can trust.

Bring us your ideas and let us help you.