At Biondan,
we re-thought the glass-fronted niche
from the ground up.

Traditionally, niches were conceived as a space-filler or a minor add-on to a mausoleum. They were constructed in a monolithic, but often unattractive manner, to target the poor or unappreciative customer that elected for cremation as a way to primarily save money.

Very little attention was paid to design or placement of the niches, they were often tucked into areas that were little visited – away from the prime spaces of the cemetery – just storage spaces for urns.

This attitude has gradually changed as the customer base for cremation has vastly expanded – in some regions it is now 90% (or more) of the burial rate.

This has presented a strong opportunity for the cemetery to offer a wider array of products as this customer group becomes more varied. No longer are they just seeking a cheaper alternative – they want choices: from high-end to low.

At Biondan, we took this development to heart: how do we give the cemetery (our customer) options for their customers? What can we design that meets this varied need?

Our solution? A modular niche system that allows for variations in design while keeping the basic structure and construction technique clear and easily deployable. Our system allows for not only variation in the horizontal pattern (moving away from the stacked and essentially boring patterns of columns or silos) but in the vertical pattern as well. The design allows for pattern variations and sizes within the same column or row making the unit work for your particular needs and design desires: making your installation architecturally beautiful and interesting.

Our solution also offers the ability to build incrementally and add to your niches (either vertically or horizontally) while maintaining the appearance of ONE unit – one structure, one design. In addition, our niches are adaptable: if you have a design that doesn’t meet your customers’ expectations, it can be changed: no harm, no foul… as the saying goes.

Strength: Our unique box-on-box technology makes each niche a self-contained, cellular unit – like a honeycomb, adding to the overall strength of our unit – there are two walls between each opening. Our patented junction (connector) system locks each box to its neighbour making a rigid structure while allowing for that infinite variation in design. Our sealed fenestration system – in either anodized Aluminum or high-finish Bronze – completes the structure, allowing you to use bevelled glass, marble, granite… or any shutter you choose – completing the beautiful structure that directly meets the design choices and options you seek for your mausoleum or cremation space.

Our lighting was designed – again “from the ground up” – not just adapted from some other use or cheap application. We thought through HOW your niches will be constructed, installed, managed and maintained – taking care to have a lighting system that will provide years of use and ease of maintenance. No lighting system – no light – will work forever, it must be maintained with ease of installing replacement parts and maintaining systems that deteriorate over time.

We thought all this through to make a system that was not only robust with an extremely long life but could be maintained continually with easily replaceable parts.

All these elements add up to the best niche system on the market… a system that gives you full control over your design needs while providing you the best and ultimately most affordable system available. You want the best, we provide it.