Thin – Niches By Biondan North America
An innovative, patented, framework niche system that turns any wall into a niche wall

Why Thin-Niches:

The rationale behind the product.

We initiated the Thin-Niche program during the discussion on “how to help cemeteries that do not have space for inventory and are being left behind by the switch to cremation that is sweeping the industry?”

The Biondan Thin-Niche System

This unique system allows you to turn any wall into niche space into niche space – if there is a 4’’ depth available, there is niche space available… inventory space, revenue space, recovered space.


  • Each opening (niche) is 12’’x12’’ and holds a purpose-designed ash container (either standard plastic or high quality/finish bronze) that has a capacity of 300
  • Each opening is closed with a 1 cm deep shutter and 4 corner rosettes (a simple opening and closing system with a security screw to lock everything in place). This shutter can be from a selection of out stone shutters or customer/owner sourced. (In future we will be offering Kosmolux shutters c/w interchangeable scenes or emblem embedded designs). The shutter can also be 3rd party: bronze, decorative wood or any suitable material to match the particular installation or design needs for your location. Biondan also offers decorative printed photoceramic tiles to allow you to build a tribute wall or scenic enhancement to your mausoleum – the opportunity to build in that special location and generate revenue and happy customers is now in your hands
  • The niches can be offered with any of our enhancement programs:
  • Photo ceramics and frames;
  • Bud vases
  • Bronze lettering/emblems; and/or
  • Vigil (niche) lights (with internal wiring).
  • The system would be installed by a local contractor (simple installation process with our provided installation instructions) or even a mausoleum contractor – contracted by the cemetery or built in to you over – all space and plan.